Prison by Sean Kernan

A convict's knife, ground from a metal ruler. West Virginia, Nov 1977

A prisoner in solitary confinement. Alabama, August 1979

A prisoner with a cat who had lived in the laundry. West Virginia, Nov 1977

A prisoner's arm, scarred from a knifing. Alabama, Jan 1979

A prisoner's grave at Pissant Hill. Alabama, Jan 1979

An older convict napping in the domitory. Alabama June 1979
At the end of a work day. Alabama, Jan 1979

Cell block. Nov 1980

Kicking a football in the yard. West Virginia, Nov 1977

Needle. West Virginia, June 1978

Tattoos against a summer thunderstorm. Alabama, Aug 1979

Tattoos and light. Alabama, Jan 1977

The Shower room, Aug 1979

This photographer's minder during his first visit. West Virginia. Nov 1977

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