Odd Vintage Photos


Waynoka, Oklahoma tornado. May 17, 1898.

Man posing with a Feejee Mermaid. Cabinet card, 1880s.

Legless girl on a swing. Carte de visite, c.1885


Baby with skull deformity. Cabinet card, c.1890.


Eugene Berry, a young man with elephantiasis or Milroy's Disease. c. 1890.

Rescan of Miss Uno, the Snake Charmer. (above 2 photos)

Dudly Foster, 5 years old & 5 lbs


Laloo was a man with a parasitic twin growing from his midsection. 
He died in a train wreck in Mexico in 1905.


Parapagus Twins  1885-1890


Mr. & Mrs. Tom Thumb

Strongman John Jennings lifting two men with his teeth, 1880's.

"I.W. Sprague Age 29 years Height 5ft 5 1/2 inch Weight 46 lbs"

Victorian halloween photo

There were quite alot of covered mother with baby photos. Why?

All these amazing photos are from Thanatos and here

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